Kitty Blocks Game

Kitty Blocks Game

Kitty Blocks Game Online - Play Free Fun Bejeweled Browser Games

For those who love kittens, and other pets, Kitty Blocks is a great game. A lot of funny Kitties are just waiting for you. Bossy: the serious looking cat that deep down is good as Gold. Miss Snotty: stylish and charming but a little spoiled. There are also many others. Score as many points as possible to discover them all. Have fun!

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How to Play Kitty Blocks Game

Use your mouse or touch the screen. Drag the blocks on the grid to clear horizontal or vertical lines of kittens. This web game comes with challenges that you would not encounter elsewhere. All the boards in the levels are different and there may be some obstruction that you must go around in order to remove all the tiles from the game. Removal of the tiles needs a delicate balance between the urge to earn points and the goal of moving to the next level. There is a timer that you have to keep on checking so you do not get time-barred while you are still enjoying making combos. If you can get a matching set of five then you get a bomb which you can use to clear 9 other gems.

Try to get the Gems as Fast as Possible

Getting to play jewel games that give you a short time to play one level is very exciting. This is a jewel game that will sharpen your eyesight and will help you identify gems quickly, even when you play other games of this genre. Gems games require good eyesight otherwise the player can spend a lot of time trying to figure out where to create matching sets. The more you play these free online games, the better you become. However, do you think that you are good enough to try and get the most points within a single minute? The faster that you can get the gems, the more time you will have. If you can remove a set every second, then you minute will never end. However, this may be impossible, so you just try out your hand and eyesight at this free gems game. You should keep an eye on the timer, but it would be better if you kept your eye on the board and try your best to extend your time. In the end you will be able to see your score and you can post it to the social sites where people can see how good you are at playing free online bejeweled games.