Jumping Burger Game

Jumping Burger Game

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How can you make a food-themed title even better? Add some speed to it as in the Jumping Burger game online. Simple and exciting, it has dynamic action and a cute design. You're a sliding burger with jumping ability. Avoid obstacles such as ketchup bottles, birds and tiny mice as you slide forward while collecting ingredients to unlock the perfect burger. Ingredients include lettuce tomato cheese burger patties mushroom and salmon fillets. Grab Chillis to be come temporarily invincibleHow far can you go. Easy to play hard to master. This free online game is very challenging. Have fun!

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How to Play Jumping Burger Game

You operate a hamburger. This guy looks delicious and he's in a big hurry. Help him surpass all the obstacles on his way. The controls are super easy. Tap, hold and release to jump higher. Jump over the ketchup bottles. Beware the birds and little mice. They would be happy to treat themselves with the main character. To avoid barriers and enemies is not your only goal. Collect certain items to unlock the Head-chief's recipe. A piece of advice on what you shouldn't miss while sliding. Make sure you grab these ingredients: tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, patties, salmon fillet and mushrooms.