Farm Valley Game

Farm Valley Game

Farm Valley Game Online - Play Free Fun Farm Browser Games

Farm Valley is an online browser game where you play the role of a farm manager. You need to build your farm cultivate and harvest crops. Just as you would in any other farm, you will have to raise poultry animals and livestock in the most popular farming game. Have fun!

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How to Play Farm Valley Game

Use your mouse or tap the screen. Click on spots where you make or are told to make things happen.

The Task of Being a Farm Manager

Even though it is not a big rush and it sounds fun, being a farm manager is not an easy task and one has to keep tabs on various activities all year round. When you plant you have to ensure that all the seedlings are protected from worms and sometimes birds. As the seedlings grow, you need to know when you have to use fertilizer in order to spur the growth of the plants. You also need to know how to manage the workers in the farm; you listen to their issues and you know how you are going to solve them. You know that they are looking out for their families and you need to attend to their wages. However, this little game will not take you deep into the role of a farm manager, but you will get to know a little about what they do. You will be expected to grow plants and harvest them on the first day, and you only need to work fast and systematically in order to achieve this. You need to be calm and follow procedure in order to make it. You have to know how to plant on two plots without having to go far; that should get your mind ticking in the right direction.