Idle Farming Business Game

Idle Farming Business Game

Idle Farming Business Game - Play Free Fun Farm Browser Games

Do you have faith in farmers? Well, without them, we have no fresh fruit and vegetables to eat, we cannot eat chicken or even other protein sources. So, here's the browser game that could make you feel involved in farming. In Idle Farming Business, now you can run your own farm. Buy new land plots, plant crops, harvest and sell them for a profit. Upgrade crops to increase productivity. Trigger boosts such as Sunshine and Rain, to multiply your output. Unlock new land plots each with unique crops. Line up investors to purchase your farm. Have fun!

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How to Play Idle Farming Business Game

Deep game-play with high retention. Swipe to harvest crops. Upgrade crops to increase productivity. Discover new features as you embark on this interesting journey to grow your farm business. Responsive game-play, suitable for all screen sizes (desktop, mobile, tablets).

Farming is a Tough Business

A farm of today has not much to do with the idealized romance of bygone days but has become a tough business. The modern farmer needs to run his farm as a business enterprise in order to be successful. Many operations are controlled by computers. The income of the farmers depends on the prices on the world market. Especially due to the growing demand for food in the world and particularly in China, the prices have once again risen in recent years.

Venture into the life as a Farmer

Farming can be really easy and it could be done in many different ways. There's animal farming or plant farming, it’s all up to you. However, before you consider such, you have to know what you like to do best and what you do desire. Make it sure that you also have enough time to take care of your farm, so you are able to get your utmost need from them. Farming of any kind needs a lot of work, especially for you, as the owner himself/herself. You just cannot do it like, you want to do farming today and forget about that the next day. It will need your time and your effort, so make sure that you have all of it to offer in such venture.