Donuts Crush Game

Donuts Crush Game

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In Germany, donuts are rare objects of desire. In the USA, the round dough balls of all sizes have been de rigueur for many years. You probably know one or the other American film in which a police team buys the entire contents of a donut shop at first sight. If you share a passion for donuts with the amiable cop, Donut Crush is just the place for you. Only with your mouse, you will venture out on the hunt for the points and match donuts like the world has never seen before. Donuts Crush is a classic match-3 puzzle game. Your task is to merge the donuts in order to get amazing in game boosters and win the level. Have fun!

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How to Play Donuts Crush Game

Use mouse or touch screen to play. Always think one step ahead in this game.

Fun Donut Facts for Kids

Donuts exist in all kinds of flavors with a variety of different glazes. A donut is baked from a special dough with lots of fat. Compared to other countries, the small balls of dough are regarded as cultural heritage in the U.S., so it is easy to find numerous retail chains across the country, which now also hope for new sales opportunities all across Europe. In Germany, donuts are mainly found in supermarkets or at gas stations and in various donut shops. Every year, new glaze creations are created all over the world. It seems as if the imagination knows of no limits in the production of donuts.

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