Idle Coffee Business Game

Idle Coffee Business Game

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Ever wondered what it's like to be a successful coffee shop business owner? Now you can! In Idle Coffee Business, grow your coffee shop from a tiny plot to a multi zillionaire conglomerate empire. Serve different kinds of coffee to earn coins. Unlock different coffee recipes to generate more coins. Upgrade your recipes to improve profits. Going offline? No worries, the coffee business works for YOU! Generate idle income while you are away, and come back to see how much you earned. This free online game features beautiful coffee shop themed graphics and you can eben activate social media to boost your coffee shop earnings. Have fun!

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How to Play Idle Coffee Business Game

Responsive game-play that works on all device forms and sizes. Grow your coffee shop empire.

Some Fun Facts about the Origin of Coffee

If the journal entry from 1671 by Anthony Faust Naironus is to be believed, the origin of coffee was in the Kingdom of Kaffa near Ethiopia. According to a legend, the goats are said to have eaten the flowers of the plant, which meant that the animals were active well into the night and were not able to find any rest. The shepherds of the flock of goats complained about this situation to the local monks. They then studied the strange plant, with its intense cherry-like fruit. In subsequent months, the monks made full use of the effects of the plant and prayed until late into the night.