Parrot Simulator Game

Parrot Simulator Game

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This is fun browser game where you get to try to live the life of a parrot. Your parrot starts small and weak on a large tropical island. To survive, the parrot will need to look for food and defend itself from various predators that will chase it in the air and on the ground.Explore different game locations and develop your flock of parrots in the new simulator of a parrot flock life. Have fun!

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How to Play Parrot Simulator Game

W, A, S, D or arrows to move. Space bar - take off. E key - jump/fly up. Q key - fly down. Left mouse button - attack. H key - hide interface. L key - lock/unlock cursor. This web game also have Gamepad support!

The Association for Parrot Care

The mission of The Association for Parrot C.A.R.E. is spelled within its name: Conservation of parrots in their wild, natural habitats and the preservation of those habitats. Adoptions of parrots needing re-homing or into permanent sanctuary. Rescue of parrots who can no longer live in their current situation. Education of the public, animal lovers, and parrot caregivers on the appropriate care of parrots and the need to adopt rather than breed.

How to care for a Parrot - 12 Easy Steps

1. Keep his food and water clean. 2. Clean the cage. 3. Replace toys in different places. 4. Train your parrot- keep his mind active Parrots are highly intelligent, social animals, and most spend the majority of their time in the wild in flocks talking to flock-mates and foraging for food. 5. Teach your parrot to talk. 6. Do not treat with supplements or vitamins unless directed by a vet It is often common practice to give parrots a supplement or vitamin. 7. Vary his diet. 8. Remember to keep an eye on beak, claw, and feather health. 9. Consider his location and temperature. 10. Visit the vet on a regular schedule. 11. Prepare for a noisy, messy house. 12. Prepare to have a friend for life.