Heli Defense Game

Heli Defense Game

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Defend your country from enemies with your helicopter. You can shoot all the time and if you need you can use and rockets. Avoid opponents bullets, use shields and have fun in this shooting helicopter game. Have fun!

11,110 play times

How to Play Heli Defense Game

Use mouse to control the helicopter.

Use a Chopper for War Operations

According to Encyclopaedia Britannica the United States has used helicopters in military operations in both Korea and Vietnam. They perform important tasks in air-sea rescues, patrolling, reconnaissance, the evacuation of the wounded, and the transportation of personnel and equipment into battle. Helicopters were used by the United States in a mine-clearing operation in North Vietnamese harbors after the Vietnam cease-fire of 1973. After the Egyptian-Israeli accord in the Middle East in 1974, American helicopters swept the Suez Canal for mines to help reopen it for traffic.