Helicopter Escape Game

Helicopter Escape Game

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The conflict on the battlefield has reached devastating levels and you are on a mission to save the hostages. Use the Helicopter's maximum firepower to destroy the evil enemies. So, jump into your helicopter, take a rifle and totally annihilate those criminals. Have fun!

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How to Play Helicopter Escape Game

Tap the screen.

Why do we have War in this World

According to Social Studies for Kids history is full of wars, of people fighting against one another for all kinds of reasons. There are two main reasons why people go to war, either to better their way of life or to protect their way of life. People in the ancient Middle East went to war to get more land or better farmland or more water or more resources like iron. The American people fought the Revolutionary War because they wanted to keep their newly declared independence from Great Britain. They were fighting to protect their way of life. If the United States and its allies do end up going to war against terrorists, it will be to protect their way of life.

Vietnam - The Copter War

According to Texas Tech University the advent of the helicopter in the early 20th century had a profound impact on transportation, communication, and myriad other areas of human endeavor. During the Vietnam War, the United States relied on the helicopter as never before. The helicopter's role in combat expanded enormously in this conflict as thousands of choppers rapidly transported personnel throughout the war zone. Heavily armed helicopters offered a fearsome component to ground operations as close air support. Mobility and firepower would be the keys for American operations in Vietnam, and the helicopter provided an abundance of both. But the role of the helicopter in support activities in the Vietnam War must not be overlooked, as thousands of missions were flown to resupply and reinforce troops on the ground, to evacuate American and South Vietnamese wounded, and to offer countless other services in pursuance of the war effort.

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