Helicopter Strike Game

Helicopter Strike Game

Helicopter Strike Game Online - Play Free Fun Chopper Browser Games

This time you have to fight in the sky not on the land. Take your seat in your plane and be prepared to fly it over the enemy territory while destroying their huge army in a Helicopter Strike. Your helicopter is equipped with lots of ammunition and weapons. Fly the chopper in deadly skies while dodging bullets that are coming your way in this brand new action game! Fight hard to destroy as many enemy units as you can to win through each mission in this top-down shooter. Destroy the boss, rescue all survivors, and clear the screen from all the enemies to achieve the objective in this HTML5 shooting challenge. Fly your helicopter around the map as you attempt to complete all 4 missions before you lose all of your lives. Avoid enemy fire as you bring down factories, anti aircraft and airplanes in this action packed online game. Have fun!

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How to Play Helicopter Strike Game

Follow in game directions or use tap controls on mobile. Choose your helicopter, pick up the reliable weapon upgrades and shoot your every enemy to complete your objective. Do not forget to grab the coins through which you can upgrade your chopper later. Also, keep your eyes on the power-ups that will be very useful to create your high score.

Skills needed to fly a Helicopter

According to Helis.com the helicopter is steered in any direction by inclining the axis of the main rotor in that direction. Flying a helicopter requires great concentration. You must use one hand on the control lever that is at your side (the collective control stick) to raise or lower the helicopter, while at the same time controlling the throttle (not an easy task). Flying a helicopter requires entirely different skills than flying conventional aircraft. This is why it is difficult to fly a vertical take-off or landing (VTOL) aircraft since both skills are required when making the transition from vertical to horizontal flight. Flight of a helicopter is governed by the pitch or angle of its rotor blades as they sweep through the air. For climbing and descending, the pitch of all the blades is changed at the same time and in the same degree. In short, it is the cyclic and collective pitch which gives the helicopter its unique ability to fly forward, backwards, sideways, rise and descend vertically and hover motionless in the air , making it one of the most versatile vehicles known by man.