Hospital Escape Game

Hospital Escape Game

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Argh, I don't like hospitals! Out, please! Hospital Escape is a point and click game developed by 8B Games/Games2mad. Imagine that you had been to a Hospital; there you got trapped inside the Hospital. Here are the interesting puzzles and hidden objects to find and get escape from the Hospital. Have fun!

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How to Play Hospital Escape Game

Mouse or tap the screen to interact. Use your mind to conquer puzzles and escape. Explore the rooms, find the clues and try to escape from the hospital.

Why you should Escape from the Hospital Bed

According to NY Times among the many reasons hospitals can be dangerous to your health, if you’re an old person: all that time spent in bed. There's a growing body of evidence over the past decade of the hazards of prolonged immobility during hospitalization. A person develops problems bathing or dressing himself, or walking across a small room, or performing some other function he could before entering the hospital. Getting people up and moving can be a crucial part of their recovery. Certain Health officials recommends that family members take the initiative and ask physicians about getting a physical therapist involved early on and about whether the family is permitted to help the patient walk.

Fun Hospital Facts for Kids

Hospital is a generic term for institutions that provide medical care. In western hospital care usually somatic and psychiatric hospitals are separately. But you do not have to be sick to be treated in a hospital. In modern times most births takes plac in a hospital, and in the normal cases the obstetrician does not to require aid from the operating time for example, Caesarean section. Hospitals are also a type of building which is built to meet the needs of the institution. A hospital building is dependent upon a number of factors: medical needs, culture, social issues, religion, economy, style, period built, etc. These changes through time and makes purpose change with respect to the time the hospital was built and is in.

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