Pixie Twins Birth Game

Pixie Twins Birth Game

Pixie Twins Birth Game - Play Free Fun Hospital Browser Games

Pixie is having twins! Play one of the most fun games ever and find out how to take care of two fairy babies. Call 911 first and make sure Pixie gets to the hospital in time. Take care of her needs while waiting for the ambulance, water, oxygen and cuddles are a must! After that you can go to the nursery room and visit the new mommy. Have fun!

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How is to be Working in a Baby Hospital

Working in a baby nursery can be tedious work, especially if you have the only shift. As each child gets in, it should be labeled and taken care off. The babies are very tender and need a lot of special care. Baby Hospital puts you in such a nursery, where you have to get the children who are coming into the nursery, place them on their cots, and also take care of their individual needs. This may seem quite simple until you play the game. You will get the first child, and wait for it to ask for anything. The child will ask for a baby bottle, and you will pick him up and take him to where the milk is stored. The baby will take the milk and you can return him to his cot. However, some of these activities need your attention at the same time. You are awarded points according to how well you take care of a child. When one of them starts crying, you lose 25 points, which is very high, given that you have to make a threshold of 100 points in the first level. Avoid taking children to the wrong stations since this will lose you 5 points. Make sure that you click accurately to avoid losing another 5 points. This is a game that will have you seated on the edge of your seat wondering which child you shall deal with first. This is a game about organizational skills, to see what you would do when faced with such situation. The game needs you to think on the go and make the right decisions. You may have to play the first level a few times before you get the hang of the game. Keep calm and collected and you will manage to go through a number of levels.