Airport Control Game

Airport Control Game

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Something about civil aviation terminals makes them special regardless of their primary function. Meeting friends and family, or going on adventures abroad always creates an optimistic feeling. Watching hundreds of people pass through the gates puts things into perspective. With so much happening daily, it’s easy to lose track of what’s important. Every Airport Control game online is a reminder of how insignificant some mundane problems are. Forget about them by focusing on air traffic-related responsibilities. People’s hopes and dreams depend on arriving and departing in time. Sometimes lives are at stake, and a small mistake can lead to terrible disasters. Don’t allow that to happen. Ensure the safety of workers and passengers by issuing the correct commands as a dispatcher. Help the pilots land, take travelers on board, and leave without any hiccups. Have fun!

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How to Play Airport Control Game

Wait for the first jet to appear in the sky. Hover the cursor over it and click LMB to highlight it. Then choose the spot on the map where it needs to go. First, command it to land at the airstrip. Soon its status icon will change, indicating the readiness to proceed. Left-click on the boarding section to collect the passengers waiting in line. Once that part is over, give the team a go-ahead to take off. If it gets too crowded, use one of the 2 available parking zones. Whatever happens, never let the airplanes collide. Otherwise, they will explode causing irreparable damage. In the industry of casual entertainment, this is a breath of fresh air. The creators made their Airport Control game free of pay-to-win elements and microtransactions. It’s a fair challenge where the outcome is determined solely by the player’s abilities. Think a few steps ahead, utilize a strategic approach, and avoid any hasty actions. Accommodate as many clients as possible. Do everything to protect the health and security of everyone involved.

Multitasking Airport Management Game

Most titles in this category are either simulators or flying shooters. This one is about managing multiple units and processes in real-time. Its engaging mechanics make it one of the most memorable experiences on Kevin Games. In addition to that, it has many other compelling features:

  • Comfortable isometric view that lets the player observe everything at once
  • Simple yet stylish 2D graphics with a perfect contrast between decorative and interactable objects
  • Intuitive interface navigation optimized for responsiveness and precision in every situation
  • Clear objectives that indicate particular stat targets to hit on every stage

After the initial disorientation, guiding the aircraft to their destinations becomes soothing and satisfying. Get in the rhythm and every decision will come almost naturally.