Shopping Mall Tycoon Game

Shopping Mall Tycoon Game

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Try to be the owner of all the shopping mall here, find the first bucket of gold and you can finally become the world-famous business tycoon! Buy a small plot of land, build your first store, manage and try to expand it. This is a free online game that turns you into a property mogul; it also shows you how to go about placing your business. As long as you hold enough money everything should be fine. Have fun!

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You will own the whole commercial street, and strive to upgrade all kinds of buildings on the street to welcome more guests.

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Shopping Mall Tycoon is a free management game that reminds you of people like Donald Trump who have made their billions out of real estate. They own chains of shops and they only manage the tenants in them. Some of the hotels and shops are actually run by trump, but his main forte is building them up and renting them out, or selling them at a handsome profit. This is a free online management game that will open your eyes into the workings of the real estate business. If you want to run a real estate business, and want a chain of stores in your portfolio, then Shopping Mall Tycoon is a browser game that you should try. It gives you an insight of the challenges that you are bound to find. You get to see how customers will react to certain stores being near each other. You get to understand how you keep foot traffic high in the areas where you own or manage property. This is a free online game that will make you think deep and hard about the business, if you were really planning to go into it, whether in the near or far future. Shopping Mall Tycoon is also a management game that will sharpen your decision making skills.