Fiveheads Soccer Game

Fiveheads Soccer Game

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The game industry often strives for realism. But accurate simulations can be surprisingly boring. If you are a fan of casual fun, try playing a Fiveheads Soccer game online. It is a comedic interpretation of the sport with teams of one or two players. The art style is cartoonish and the characters have wacky-looking bodies with oddly realistic faces. The rules and their implementation are not meant to be taken seriously. Nevertheless, the premise is at least loosely based on the real thing. Kick the ball into the opponent's goal, and defend your half of the field. The hardest part is not to laugh while doing it. Do you think you stand a chance? Have fun!

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How to Play Fiveheads Soccer Game

The developers never intended for their creation to be sold for money. It's meant to be easy to get into, accessible, and free. You can launch it in a browser window through many websites, including Our entire collection is optimized to run smoothly on most machines. You won't have any trouble finding what you're looking for. Press start, select your country, and the preferred mode: teams of 1 or 2 players. Press A and D to move, W to jump, and Space to kick.

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Impressive graphics are not a guarantee of entertaining game-play. This title doesn't bother with rendering 3D environments in excruciating detail. The levels and the characters are flat. And you can only go left or right. This approach makes sense, considering all the other aspects. For the sake of simplicity, flanking the enemy team's members is not an option. You can only pass the ball over the opponent's head or under their feet. Such restrictive design may seem discouraging at first but has a unique retro charm.

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Entertainment means different things for different people. Some prefer realistic simulators, while others gravitate towards something simple and laid-back. If you're a fan of the latter, this title is for you. Forget about your troubles, and leave the worries of a busy day behind. It's time to relax, and enjoy a Fiveheads Soccer game free of charge.