Track and Field Game

Track and Field Game

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Classic arcade-style game where players compete in various Olympic events using button-mashing, as well as calculated button sequences. Events in the arcade version include: 100-Meter Dash, Long Jump, Javelin Throw, 110m Hurdles, Hammer Throw, and High Jump. Releases on other platforms included an extended list of events such as Archery. Have fun!

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How to Play Track and Field Game

Use the Shift key to navigate the menus and enter key to select. You also need to use the arrow keys on certain events. More detiled controls can be found within the key.

Fun Facts About the Track and Field Video Game

Track and Field, also known as Hyper Olympic in Japan and Europe, is a 1983 Olympic-themed sports video game developed by Konami for arcades. The Japanese release sported an official license for the 1984 Summer Olympics. In Europe, the game was initially released under the Japanese title Hyper Olympic in 1983, before re-releasing under the US title Track & Field in early 1984. Players compete in a series of events, most involving alternately pressing two buttons as quickly as possible to make the onscreen character run faster. It has a horizontal side-scrolling format, depicting one or two tracks at a time, a large scoreboard that displays world records and current runs, and a packed audience in the background. The video game was a worldwide commercial success in arcades, becoming one of the most successful arcade games of 1984. Konami and Centuri also held a 1984 Track & Field video game competition that drew more than a million players internationally, holding the record for the largest organized video game competition of all time as of 2016.