Hex Wars Game

Hex Wars Game

Hex Wars Game Online - Play Free Fun Strategy Browser Games

Take over the world in this challenging strategy game. Hex Wars pits you against three intelligent computer opponents in an epic struggle. Use strategy and tactics to outplay your enemies. Hex Wars is a strategy game where your goal is to conquer the entire map. THere are 4 teams competing for territories, and each piece fo land can have up to 8 dice on it. These dice represent power. Have fun!

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How to Play Hex Wars Game

Use your mouse or tap the screen to play. Gameplay is based on a turn system. The computer makes its move, and then you do. When it's your turn tap your land to select it, and then tap an enemy territory to attack it. You can only attack land that is connected to your selected territory. The battle results are determined based o nthe number of dice that each combatant has on their territory. If you win, you'll take over the defender's land. Remember, land with only a single dice can not be used to attack. You gain dice at the end of each turn.