Penguin Diner Game

Penguin Diner Game

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What's more exciting than McDonalds? Penguin Diner! A new Restaurant had just opened in the frozen valley of Antarctic, and the penguins are very happy about it. You get to run this place, so you will have to welcome them to your Diner, take their orders and serve them politely with food and juice. The player's role in In Penguin Diner is as penguin waitress named Penny. Penny must take each customer's order, deliver the food and then collect payment for it. The purpose of working at the diner is to earn enough money to return home her family. It is important that players retrieve the order, exactly as it was given. After collecting payment, the waitress needs to clean the table and seat the next customer. True to life, this is a busy diner and it will be necessary to take multiple orders at once. Have fun!

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How to Play Penguin Diner Game

Seat the penguins, take their orders, and serve their meals. Don't forget to collect the money when they leave. Keep them happy and they will pay more, just as in a real restaurant.

Who Should Play the Penguin Diner Game?

The Penguin Diner game is perfect for individuals that enjoy food service or restaurant games. It test players' memories and their ability to perfectly follow directions. Players who are able to, will be successful. Those that are not won't be. Anyone who enjoys penguin games or who have yet to try them but are interested in doing so will find that Penguin Diner is a great game to play.

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