Rails and Stations Game

Rails and Stations Game

Rails and Stations Game Online - Play Free Fun Strategy Browser Games

What's more exciting than reading a book? The Railroad Pioneer game. Hello, it's your new free game Rails and Stations! In this web game you can discover the world around you, mine resources and products and build railroads. Collect wood, iron, sand, ytdanm? electricity and watermelons to sell them to the stations and get money. Cut down trees and mine iron to trade for rails for the railroad. You'll be able to hire helpers to speed up resource gathering. Buy dynamite to clear the way for the trains. Expand your island to explore it and find new resources. Have fun!

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How to Play Rails and Stations Game

You can control the little man on the keyboard using the arrow keys, or use the mouse. Press the right button and do not let go and the man will run behind the cursor. Resources are extracted automatically when you go to them. If you play on the keyboard, then to enter tractor mode or other mode, use the Enter key. You mine resources to trade for the money you need to open the map. The further you advance, the more difficult resources you have to mine.

Some of the famous American and British Railroad Pioneers

A railway pioneer is someone who has made a major contribution to the historical development of the railway or railroad. This definition includes locomotive engineers, railway construction engineers, operators of railway companies, major railway investors and politicians, of national and international importance for the development of rail transport. The list of railroad pioneers are so long, so we would not be able ot list them all here. But, here is a few of them. Horatio Allen (USA) designed world's first articulated locomotive in 1832. Isambard Kingdom Brunel was an English mechanical and civil engineer who built dockyards, the Great Western Railway, a series of steamships including the first propeller-driven transatlantic steamship and numerous important bridges and tunnels. William Stroudley was one of Britain's most famous steam locomotive engineers of the 19th century, working principally for LB&SCR. Designed some of the most famous and longest lived steam locomotives of his era. Axel Vogt, Mechanical Engineer of the Pennsylvania Railroad 1887-1919. Responsible for many of the beautifully proportioned and elegantly designed Pennsylvania classes. Considerable influence on modern US locomotive design.