Airplane Fly Simulator Game

Airplane Fly Simulator Game

Airplane Fly Simulator Game Online - Play Fun Flight Training Browser Games

So you think you can fly? Well take the stick and show off your skills in this free online game. Airplane Fly Simulator is an awesome new 3D Airplane Simulator game by Game Tap. Become the pilot and take off with your commercial jet into the beautiful sky and fly to your destination and drop passengers on time. As a Fly Plane 3D pilot, your job is to steer a 3D plane through all of the waypoints and reach the correct destination. Have fun!

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How to Play Airplane Fly Simulator Game

Use S for take off and W for landing. Use A for left turn and D for right turn. Use F for Throttle. Use space for Throttle down.

What is Flight Training

Flight training is a course of study used when learning to pilot an aircraft. The overall purpose of primary and intermediate flight training is the acquisition and honing of basic airmanship skills. Although there are various types of aircraft, many of the principles of piloting them have common techniques, especially those aircraft which are heavier than air types. In addition to providing flight instructors, flight training schools commonly rent aircraft to the students.