Burger Shop Game

Burger Shop Game

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No, it ain't McDonald's nor Burger King, this is the Burger Shop, and you are in charge. Burger Shop is a fun cooking casual game for kids. Use speed and memory to serve your hungry customers, earn money and progress through the game. Create delicious burgers and add fries, a drink and desert, but make sure you do it right - get the order wrong and your demanding customers will be upset. Make big tips and become the new king of burgers. Have fun!

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How to Play Burger Shop Game

Simply select the ingredients in the right order to create your burger. Add sides to complete the meal and collect your payment. Before the level starts you'll see the missions. The first one indicates how much money you should earn. While the second is the number of layers you must put together. Select the ingredients in the right order to make delicious patty plats. At the very first stage, you'll get hints on which one to choose and when. But don't expect it to be like this all the time. You have limited time for completing the grade, so hurry up! Plus, there is a separate countdown for each customer. While it's green, you are ok. But with it changing the color, the mood of your guest changes, too. Don't upset those poor things. Feed them well and with a smile.

Fun Facts about Burger Joints

The burger joints we know today originated in the late 19th century from snack bars that were mobile. Among all the known fast-food chains, the American Walter Scott is known as the inventor of the industry. In 1872, Scott acquired an old railroad car and built this into a diner, which he parked outside the offices of the "Providence Journal" every evening. The menu included simple sandwiches and coffee for the then-enthusiastic customers. The idea quickly spread around the country, wherefore it did not take long until this business idea was imitated throughout the country.