Firefight Truck Driver Game

Firefight Truck Driver Game

Firefight Truck Driver Game - Play Free Fun Firefighter Browser Games

This is a cool firefighting truck game where you drive fast and find the fire to put it out as soon as possible. Get points and extra time for each fire out!! Be careful and do not run out of water! Collect the water and turbo bonus you find. Have fun!

10,288 play times

How to Play Firefight Truck Driver Game

Use WASD or the arrow keys to drive. Use your mouse to aim and shoot water. Use the Esc. key to pause or access the menu.

The Biggest, Smallest, Fastest and Strangest Fire Trucks in the World

Here's a look at some of the world's most unique and special firefighting apparatus. According to there is a lot of interesting facts to learn about fire trucks. The world's smallest fire truck is owned by the Nobleton Fire Department in Ontario, Canada. The mini-apparatus is a converted golf cart which can navigate tight spaces and acts as an educational tool for school kids. Housed at the Victoria International Airport is one of the most high-tech trucks used for firefighting. The Stinger can carry 3,000 gallons of water, 400 gallons of foam, and 500 pounds of dry chemical. It even comes equipped with a turret that can pierce a plane's fuselage so that it can fight aircraft fires from the inside out. The steam power engine fire truck relied on steam power and got their start in the late 1800s and early 1900s,with some tracing their origins to Germany. Earliest models allowed for four to five firefighters to spray more water than hundreds could with hand pumpers.

Why Fire Fighting is like Football

Winning and losing on both fields of play have more in common than you might think, while the stakes for one are much higher. According to fire fighting and football is much like eachother. From the first end zone dance of a Pop Warner kid to the smooth moves of an interception in the SEC, from hardship to victory, from playground to coliseum, football players have the gift of speed, grace and power. Firefighters, aspire to the same. While firefighting is certainly not a game, both pursuits generate many of the same results: Respect for achievement, adrenaline-fused situations and at the top of the list, an understanding and appreciation of teamwork above individual accolades. From the fireground to the crash scene and from the forest to our cities, first responders carry the ball together. Firefighters know that strength takes work and work takes strength. Like football players, they pride themselves on physical dexterity and having a wide range of skills. A coordinated fire attack is no more than Xs and Os on a chalkboard and applying the results to the training tower or abandoned building over and over.