Tiny Town Game

Tiny Town Game

Tiny Town Game Online - Play Free Fun Management Browser Games

Tiny Town is an management upgrade clicker game. Build houses earn money manage all kinds of city related things and become the best mayor Tiny Town has ever seen. Keep your people happy by lowering taxes and increasing rations. Try to populate to the max and eventually grow your town into a real megapolis. Good luck Mayor!

10,330 play times

How to Play Tiny Town Game

Click with your mouse or tap the screen to play. Being a ruler, you decide what taxes to impose. The higher they are, the more people are disappointed in your actions. But sometimes you need to make unpopular decisions for the greater good. To collect coins, click on the Next Day button and finish the round. And check the report for the previous day: The growth of the population, Food, oil, electricity produced and The budget.

Financial Balance in Tiny Town

A city is not about buildings. It is about citizens. However, you need to create a factory to produce food and attract workers. Upgrade it several times to make sure that people keep coming into your settlement. Once you solve the problem of food supplies, create other projects to expand your territories. But first you'll need to gather some resources.

Events that Slow Down your Tiny Town

People get sick. Or fire may destroy the achieved results. Plus criminals may become too active. That is why gradual development is important. Save resources and focus on new constructions to keep the balance. If you want some help, click on the Tips button. It'll give you clear instructions on what actions to undertake to ensure progress.