Desert Racer Monster Truck Game

Desert Racer Monster Truck Game

Desert Racer Monster Truck Game - Play Free Monster Truck Browser Games

Here is an action packed racing game, where you get to head towards the finish line in the crazy monster truck. This desert racing game is a fun game to play. Cross with the monster truck over the hills in the desert. Try to get to the finish as fast as possible, but make sure you don't crash. You have to unlock the trucks and levels. There are 10 Levels and 8 trucks with different performance. This game support Keyboard, touch and game pad. To collect the higher coins you have to buy a high performance monster truck using collected coins. Have fun!

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How to Play Desert Racer Monster Truck Game

Use touch button or Game Pad or Keyboard (Left and Right Arrows for Move and A and D keys for Balancing. To collect the higher coins you have to buy a high performance monster truck.

Fun Facts about Truck Racing

According to WikiPedia truck racing is a form of motor racing which involves modified versions of heavy tractor units on racing circuits. The sport started in the United States at the Atlanta Motor Speedway on June 17, 1979 and was the opening scene in the movie Smokey and the Bandit II. The races were run on dirt and paved ovals mostly in the Eastern United States. The trucks used in the beginning were actually working trucks with tandem rear axles and used street tires. Unlike other forms of motor sport, race trucks look like their road-going counterparts and conform to regulations to ensure that major components used are the same. In England, however, in the last few years the profile of truck racing has increased, and currently over 30 teams regularly compete. The regulations allow for trucks to compete in two classes, so trucks with less sophisticated engine management systems, suspension, and braking systems can compete effectively.

Facinating Facts about Monster Trucks

A monster truck is a vehicle that is typically styled after pickup trucks bodies, modified or purposely built with extremely large wheels and suspension. Monster trucks are used for competition and popular sports entertainment and in some cases they are featured alongside motocross races, mud bogging, tractor pulls and car eating robots. A monster truck show sometimes involves the truck crushing smaller vehicles beneath its huge tires. These trucks can run up and over most man-made barriers, so they are equipped with remote shut-off switches, called the Remote Ignition Interrupter, to help prevent an accident if the driver loses control at any time. At some events, only one monster truck is on the course at a time, while most feature two drivers racing each other on symmetrical tracks, with the losing driver eliminated in single-elimination tournament fashion.