American Football Challenge Game

American Football Challenge Game

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The crowd is screaming and all eyes are on you. The objective is to score as many points as you can. How many throws will you score? American Football Challenge is a fun football game that is great for killing a bit of time. Have fun!

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How to Play American Football Challenge Game

Move the mouse to control the receiver gloves to catch the ball. Tap the screen to start the quarterback throw.

Ultimate Fun Football Facts for Kids

According to there are plenty of fun facts about football. American football is a competitive team sport played with an oval ball where one team is on offense (has the ball) and the other team is on defense (defending the ball). The object is to try and use plays with your offensive team to propel your team with the ball to the end of the field where you will score points. The defense uses their plays to try and prevent the team with the ball to score. Although an NFL team consists of 52 players roster sizes can vary at any level. The amount of players on the field at any given time in the NFL is 11. You can have unlimited substitutions but can only have 11 on the field at a time. The Indianapolis Colts are the first team to ever win 12 games or more in 5 consecutive seasons. Making over a billion dollars annually, the NFL is the worlds richest professional sports league.

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