Turn Based Ship War Game

Turn Based Ship War Game

Turn Based Ship War Game Online - Play Fun Naval Warfare Games Online

Get the ready to engage and destroy your enemy in the ultimate naval battle. Watch the wind, and fire your boats cannon to hit the enemy. Each ship takes turns. Press mouse or touch to start setting the perfect angle, release to shoot on the enemy. Once you complete enemy strikes on you, and you have to wait for your turn. The one who survive longer will be the winner. Have fun!

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How to Play Turn Based Ship War Game

Press mouse or touch to start setting the perfect angle, Release to shoot on the enemy.

Naval Battle or Naval Warfare

Mankind has fought naval warfare more than 3,000 years. Land navigation, until the advent of extensive railroads was extremely dependent upon river systems and canals. The latter were crucial in the development of the modern world in the United Kingdom, the Low Countries and northern Germany, for they enabled the bulk movement of goods and raw materials without which the Industrial Revolution would not have occurred. Prior to 1750, things moved by barge or sea, or not much at all. Thus armies, with their exorbitant needs for food, ammunition and fodder, were tied to the river valleys throughout the ages.

Naval Warfare in ancient China

In ancient China, the first known naval battle took place during the Warring States period (481-221 BCE) when vassal lords battled against one another. Chinese naval warfare in this ancient period featured grapple-and-hook, as well as ramming tactics with naval ships called Stomach Strikers and Colliding Swoopers. It was written in the Han Dynasty that the people of the Warring States era had employed chuan ge ships (dagger-axe ships, or halberd ships), thought to be a simple description of ships manned by marines carrying dagger-axe halberds as personal weapons. One of the most significant inventions in medieval naval warfare was the torpedo, invented in Syria by the Arab inventor Hasan al-Rammah in 1275. His torpedo ran on water with a rocket system filled with explosive gunpowder materials and had three firing points. It was a very effective weapon against naval ships. The Falklands War was a unique conflict and at the present time, large naval wars are seldom seen affairs as modern day warfare evolves further from warships, which have existed for centuries, to reliance on new technologies such as military aircraft and land warfare. The main function of the modern navy is to exploit its control of the seaways to project power ashore.

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