Mini Golf Game

Mini Golf Game

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Mini Golf is an entertaining and surprisingly addictive online sports game that challenges you to get the ball into the hole using the fewest possible shots. Your score depends entirely on how many shots it takes you to putt the ball into the hole so if you want to get a good score, you need to have fairly decent putting skills. If you like playing mini-golf but you don't have enough time you can come here and try this online game. Shoot the ball into the hole in different mountains you need to aim accurately the fewer times you use the higher score you will get. Show your golf talent and enjoy the time with your friends. With excellent graphics and truly challenging holes, this is a html5 sport game that's going to keep you playing. Have fun!

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How to Play Mini Golf Game

Use the mouse or tap the screen to play. Click or tap the ball to adjust angle and power and make your swing by releasing the finger or button. Try to get a hole in one or as few shots as possible.

When Minigolf Reached Europe

Even if minigolf was invented in America, it reached Europe after a few years. In 1926, the first European minigolf course was built by a fanatic golf fan, which was inspired by the American courses. It was made in Hamburg, Germany, but it was later imported in other cities. In 1930, a Swedish entrepreneur founded a company that built standard golf courses for the Swedish market, and the popularity of this game grew immensely in this country.

Why you must play Minigolf

There are many reasons why you should play minigolf. First of all it is a great way to chill out with your family and children will find these courses extremely appealing for unwinding. Minigolf is relaxing, challenging and enjoyable for all ages and skill levels. The game improves Your Memory and Arithmetic Skills, and even help you burn more calories. Minigolf enhances your hand-eye coordination, and it improves your kid's social skills.