Drive Thru Game

Drive Thru Game

Drive Thru Game Online - Play Free Fun Burger Browser Games

Here is a fascinating burger cooking game. Wecdonald is a famous fast-food restaurant. Because the queue is always long at counter the restaurant manager decide to introduce drive-thru system. Help the manager to serve the customers effectively and efficiently. Have fun!

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How to Play Drive Thru Game

Use your mouse or tap the screen to select the ingredients.

The most successful fast food chains in the World

The most successful fast food chain in the world is undoubtedly McDonalds, followed by Burger King and Subway. These companies have a large number of branches worldwide, while the ranking of the chains varies from country to country. Sales of the so-called fast food is increasing year after year. The fast food diet, however, is not recommended by the health authorities. Too fat and too salty, this is the conclusion of the nutritionists. Fast food is considered the main cause of obesity in combination with too little movement.